Looming Mirthfully

The holidays are slinking ever closer.  In anticipation of the encroaching jolliness, there are now some book and merch bundles on sale in the Store.  One limited package includes a custom sketch. There's a new t-shirt design out too!

Also, some new playing card art in the Gallery:

Fiery Phantasmagoria

Happy Halloween!  I drew a stupid comic for you (with love)!


Red Light and Graphite

Some new art in the Gallery:

A lot of additional art (some of which you can see already if you're a Patron) and comics are en route, and I'm looking at Volume 3 starting up between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

This was all supposed to happen a bit sooner (of course), but this feral cat and her legion of imps came along, throwing my schedule, my house and my finances into chaos these past couple of months. I simply could not find a no-kill shelter, rescue group or foster situation that had room for them, and since I was physically incapable of surrendering them to a municipal shelter that would have likely destroyed them, I took on the task of socializing the kittens myself.  Mom cat has been spayed and released (she has shelter and food), and I'm finally delivering most of the little ones to their new homes this month.  After that, I'm looking forward to some work time accompanied by far fewer fluffy, black interruptions.
...though assuredly I will miss my would-be destroyers.

Lackadaisy Headlong
Lackadaisy Headlong
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